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Further Reading. A majority of Forex brokers can islamic forex brokers list followers of the Islamic faith by offering them swap-free trading accounts that are compliant with Sharia law. Brokers are on the lookout for this type of activity and will shut an account down immediately, if they suspect foul play. According to Islamic Law, it is forbidden to take or give interest of any kind and Islamic Forex accounts were designed with this in mind. To remain profitable they instead charge increased commissions in spot forex trades. We have independently reviewed over 50 forex, CFD, and social trading brokers, and made sure we will report the most credible companies to invest with. So, trades must be entered and exited almost immediately, which with forex traders they usually are. In addition, please be advised that any and all accounts in the name of, or associated with, the account holder swill be subject to this agreement. CFDs carry risk. Islamic accounts also do not pay interest on the funds deposited with the FX broker as some FX brokers bow offer bonuses islamic forex brokers list account balance top-ups simply for maintaining funds in your trading account. So, islamic forex brokers list alleviate this problem forex brokers offer you leverage. One of the biggest concerns centres around the risk sharing element.

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  3. Whatever your online Islamic investment, be it stocks, forex, or options, for a broker to claim they offer accounts based on Islamic principles, they need to meet the following criteria:

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