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It can also be a place where an employee works for a limited period of time. If not, they will then conduct an Employer Compliance Audit. What is not classed as business mileage? What does a Field Representative do? Employers sometimes require employees to travel to their permanent workplace outside of normal working hours, for example, during the weekend. What are the HMRC business mileage rates? Automobile and motor holter monitor scanning jobs from home benefits Personal driving personal use Personal driving is any driving by an employee, or a person related to the employee, for purposes not related to their employment. Date modified: Read on to find out more. The dates and times of the trip Start and end addresses. A permanent workplace is the place where an employee normally works such as a factory, office or shop. Without reliable records, HMRC may disallow your mileage deduction and even impose potential fines that can reach up to 6 figures.

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Personal driving (personal use)

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The employer and the employee can avoid any benefit charges linked with company vans or fuel by keeping sufficient records to show that the van is mainly used for work journeys and ordinary commuting.

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