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They planned to conceive this child together through artificial insemination and mutually selected a sperm donor with a genetic profile that was compatible with their physical characteristics. Following the issuance of restraints, S. Fiebert, in its discussion of case law in the area discussed the Matter of Baby M, N. Testimony was elicited from the psychologist regarding the distinction between a biological or birth parent and the 'psychological' parent. Rather, the court, in non-traditional family matters, must be mindful that a child born by artificial insemination to a lesbian couple will never have the benefit of the support or security offered by the natural father or his family in the event something should occur to the natural mother. Although addressed by counsel, the court, nonetheless, requests up-dated care information statements from both parties to set the appropriate level of child support unless an agreement can be reached between the parties. She was very much aware of her daughter's lesbian relationship and privy work from home ajmv their conversations that addressed the implications of a lesbian couple conceiving and raising the child. According to S. The family tree m the baby album branches into and recognizes both families and refers to S. Following discussion and planning, the parties agreed that E. In that case, the maternal grandparents brought an action seeking visitation and custody of their two grandchildren following the death of their daughter.

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A close and intimate relationship developed between them and in the Fall ofthey moved in together and shared a single-family residence in Lakewood, N. We hold that there is no single standard applicable in every third party custody case; the standard to be golden eagle forex indicator free download depends upon the status of the third party vis-a-vis the natural parent and the child.

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